Welcome to Japan. Light Up, Kids.

I’ve wandered through the terminals of Narita Airport, currently Tokyo‘s primary international hub, enough to know the must-visit spots.  There’s the Lawson convenience store pre-security in Terminal 1 (T1), the casual Japanese place that seasonally serves kaki furai – fried oysters – in the same general area and the scattered stores that sell sakura matcha Kit Kats.  They are hard to find if…you never look for them.  There are observation decks at T1 and T2, again pre-security checks, and cheap bento (do I get a point for finally referencing my namesake?) lunches in one of the mid-levels of the arrivals hall of T1.

OK Japan, you’ve won me over with your randomness, your food and your somehow tolerable airport security checkpoints, but there’s (no less than) one thing I have to address:

Narita Airport - Adult Smokers Only Sign

A sign without a conscience.  Like one of these.

Indeed, the top line says “only for the use of adult smokers,” and the bottom “for anyone other than adult smokers, please refrain from the use {of this room}.”

My tongue-in-cheek question is, since they already start drinking at a young age, where will Narita let kids try out smoking?  Well, there are non-stop flights to China

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