New York’s Halloween Tower

Manhattan, New York - Halloween Tower

The Halloween Tower, by Madison Square Park in Manhattan, New York is rather nondescript.

As of today, the 31st of October, 2014, there is still scaffolding cloaking much of the 12-story structure.  Chances are you would have no idea that this diminutive (for Manhattan) tower is the home of Rubie’s Costume Company, purportedly the world’s largest manufacturer of Halloween garb, as well as a handful of related businesses (Anyone going as a Citibiker tonight?)

Although the exterior doesn’t lend much to the imagination – as opposed to one of the buildings that is already decked out in Halloween attire – you could still try convincing a member of the lobby concierge to trick-or-treat up there everyday of the year.

Whether or not you celebrate this holiday, or Mexico’s el Día de Muertos or like having an excuse to introduce to youngsters’ and their gums what a Charleston Chew is, I hope you’ll realize that there’s more to the Flatiron district of Manhattan than just an overrated Italian market and hamburger shack



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3 Responses to New York’s Halloween Tower

  1. How do you manage to find such trivia gems?! Fascinating. 🙂

    • That one was a luck of the draw-type! I was walking downtown and happened to notice the curious name through the window. Timely…

      Have you ever been to Tanah Abang in Jakarta? It’s a bit of a monolith which you can see easily from e’x. Locally known as a clothing/textile hub.

      • Nope! Haven’t been…. shopping isn’t really my thing. 😉 I go spacy in malls so a wholesale market – while interesting for a few mins would have me running away shortly after that!

        Am still impressed with your timely wanderings… 🙂


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