Mouthwatering Foods of Australia

Whether the food is similar or different to what previously had, many travelers are eager to try something new whenever they travel to other places. In particular, those visiting Australia would want to know what kind of delicacies the land has to offer. Australia is blessed with a variety of both traditional delicacies and those influenced by other countries in the region.


Hamburger with Beetroot
One thing that separates Australian hamburger from the rest of the world is the fact that beetroot is sliced then decked on top of the pattie that is made from the Australian beef. Though the pattie is entirely made from beef it is not finished without adding of beetroot. If a hamburger is on the day’s menu, emotions get high when people explain how it cannot be whole with no canned beetroot.  A great meal for lovers of beef…and beefroot!

Green Chicken Curry Pie
This is made from stacking Thai chicken green curry inside a pie resulting is a delicacy that can only be found in Australia. When it comes to Thai food, it is loved by Australians, and the same is true with pies. A combination of these two creates one of the best kept secrets of Australia.

Chicken and corn soup

Chicken and Corn Soup
A lot of Chinese food has been embraced by Australians, this is true as every city and town have restaurants where one can always have chicken and corn soup. This delicacy tops the menus in these restaurants. It is made from a mixture of powdered ginger, sesame oil, and creamed sweetcorn and crumbed chicken stock cubes, boiled in chicken stock. Later on shredded chicken is added and the mixture is left to cook. A few other additives are included later such as corn flour and eggs. In the end the outcome is the famous Australian delicacy. This also works great for those who love chicken.

Grilled kangaroo

Grilled Kangaroo
Kangaroo is the unofficial national animal of Australia. To get the best out of it garlic, juniper, pepper, and rosemary are added, then it is accompanied by fruits such as plum, red currant or orange. – A taste of kangaroo is always a great reason to try out something new.

Seafood Pizza
Though pizza is known to be from Italy, Australians have taken it a notch higher calling it Marinara. Made by smothering the pizza with a variety of the best sea products in Australia that are fresh and of great taste. To get the best flavor a sprinkle of chili is recommended, then accompanied by either beer or cold chardonnay This is good for those who love sea food. The land of Australia has a variety of delicacies both traditional, and acquired that it has adopted from its neighbors; these can be found nowhere else on the planet. With an Australia visa a huge door opens tow these mouthwatering delights.

-by Kacie Jones

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1 Response to Mouthwatering Foods of Australia

  1. Jess Carey says:

    If you want to make that burger REALLY Aussie, add an egg and some pineapple!


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