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Tokyo’s Shakaden: BuildingMyBento’s Mother Ship?

If I’m physically from New York, I’m incredulously from the Tokyo Shakaden (釈迦殿). Located in Azabudai but close enough to Tokyo’s Gomorrah – also known as Roppongi, Shakaden is in fact the H.Q. of Reiyuukai (霊友会), a Buddhist sect. Reiyuukai was established in Tokyo in 1930 … Continue reading

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Wild Times with a US Passport

Perhaps I was being a bit too harsh on my US passport.  After all, citizens can travel to a substantial number of countries either without a visa or by getting a visa-on-arrival; furthermore, starting this January Armenia will be the … Continue reading

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Identity. Crisis?

Recently, I stepped into a small restaurant in Nanjing, China that specialized in Anhui cuisine.  Anhui is a landlocked province in central-eastern China most well-known for Huangshan and possibly this person.  I told the waiter that I didn’t eat meat, … Continue reading

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How to Get A Unique Souvenir from Japan Railways

I was never really interested in train travel until visiting Japan.  It might have to do with a combination of uniformly unpleasant experiences riding Amtrak, the primary passenger service in the US, and wanting to be squeezed into a train … Continue reading

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