Wild Times with a US Passport

Perhaps I was being a bit too harsh on my US passportAfter all, citizens can travel to a substantial number of countries either without a visa or by getting a visa-on-arrival; furthermore, starting this January Armenia will be the newest visa-free country.  Armenia – the home of Armenians – why have I heard about it in the news lately…ah, here’s why.

That’s what you were expecting me to write, no?

Cairo - U.S.A Passport to Wild Times Jacket

Yes, this article of Engrish clothing might be on to something.  Case-in-point: I saw it in Cairo.  Those of us from the states (among many other countries) can get tourist visas at a few different Egyptian airports.  In other words, no need to apply in advance.

Wouldn’t it be great if all you had to do was wear that jacket while passing through immigration?  Probably not.  Though if one place could get away with it, a certain street in Bangkok comes to mind.

Issues with the Department of State and lobbyists aside, a US passport isn’t so bad, right?



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2 Responses to Wild Times with a US Passport

  1. El Tongzhi says:

    That jacket can get you places, in RIYADH


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