Movie Locations: Slurping Ramen in “Tampopo”

Have you heard of/seen the Japanese movie Tampopo?  Directed in 1985 by Juzo Itami, it tells the fictional story of Tampopo, a female chef endeavoring to create the quintessential bowl of ramen.  In other words, if she moonlighted as a manager of dialysis centers, she’d be doing really well.  Other food-related vignettes are worked into the film too, and it remains one of my all-time favorites in any genre.

Filmed in large part in the Tokyo area, I finally decided to seek out the filming location of the titular らーめん屋 (raamen ya; ramen restaurant) last November.  Located well-off-the-beaten-path in Shibaura, the buildings in the immediate vicinity looked as if they were about to be torn down.  Better make haste and check it out!

Tokyo - Tampopo Ramenya Filming Location

Naturally, the day I went, the current occupant of the building is a restaurant called  はるみ, or Harumi.  They specialize in ホルモン やきにく (horumon yakiniku), which is to say, grilled organs.  Imagine a movie about a chef trying to grill the perfect spleen?  It would be a good double feature with Babe.

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11 Responses to Movie Locations: Slurping Ramen in “Tampopo”

  1. I have seen Tampopo. It’s a great movie to really appreciate the art of ramen. Although the sex scenes were extremely odd. What was with the shrimp???!!! One of the most memorable scenes of the film lol

    Have you seen Ramen Girl, I am pretty sure that is an American adaption of that film. Minus the sex scenes. So cool you got to check it out!! I must make a pilgrimage when I go to Tokyo.

  2. Also, every time I finish the broth to end. I always think of this movie and how they have won! haha

    • Peter Piper says:

      What are you talking about ? The story and Ramen Girl and Tampopo are completely different. You should watch these movies before commenting.

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  7. Arno says:

    Thanks for this. It’s probably all gone now, but on Google maps you can still see some original features that appeared in the film. Will visit Tokyo in March 2018 and wanted to check it out but I will have just missed this one. Pity.


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