Be Better, Buy Butter

Manado - Butter

I couldn’t figure out why pillows would be in the refrigerated section of a supermarket in Manado, Indonesia.  What are they trying to sell me, a local placebo for lower back pain?

As you probably guessed though, that’s not an incredibly uninviting bed either.  In fact, it’s a container filled with butterWho knew that Southeast Asia had such an affinity for the stuff

Yeah, I’m not against it either.  Dunk lobster and popcorn in it, spread it on croissants and ramen and ponder over whether or not yellow is its natural color.

On the topic of aesthetics, color additives are added to many foods to make them more appealing to consumers.  Cheddar cheese for example is frequently colored with annatto, from the achiote tree.  But what Gobstoppers contain is beyond me.  What I’d like to know is, does the packaging for the above bricks of butter turn you off from buying them more than if they were wrapped in something more translucent/more bashful?  Or, are you of the “it’s the same food no matter how it’s wrapped” ilk?

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