Everything’s Bigger in… East Asia?

If you’ve had the chance to flip through my previous posts, you may already know that East Asia has cornered the market on many of the world’s superlatives— among numerous other (read: weird) possibilities, escalators, advertising and flight delays all come to mind.  Texas, quit your slacking.

Airport Signs

Bangkok - BKK (Suvharnhabumi Airport Tollway)
This is the tollway leading to Suvarnhabumi Airport in Bangkok.  Last I checked, once you’ve made it to this stage of the road, the next exit is the airport.  So…what’s the point?


Jakarta, CGK- Detailed Banister

Singapore’s airport has gardens, a pool and a movie theatre, Hong Kong’s has a trail and Jakarta’s elaborately detailed banisters.  If anyone knows what story/legend this particular banister is based on, please let us know!

Bookstore Signs

Narita - Giant Bookstore Sign
Japan, a country known for efficiently cramming things – and people – into small spaces compensates for its lack of…land area with giant signs and advertisements.  Want to bowl?  Seek out huge bowling pins on roofs.  Need to buy a lighter in the shape of a gun, kidney beans and tweezers?  Look for unfinished roller coasters.  Can’t decide on which book you next want to read?  Don’t get any, and instead, take a picture of the exterior of the bookstore itself.  This one was taken in Narita, not far from the AEON mall.


Tokyo, Kameido - Giant Naan

Another vote for Japan: not only is the average naan that size, but they are generally quite good too.  Just don’t eat it on the street over there, for you might face the wrath of a lowered eyelid.

Care to add anything to the list?

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8 Responses to Everything’s Bigger in… East Asia?

  1. Jess Carey says:

    Haha this is great! Something I guess I noticed, but never really NOTICED in my travels around South East Asia… I am going to Japan towards the end of the year though, so I’ll look out for that naan bread!

  2. El Tongzhi says:

    Hehhh, don’t you mean a lighter in the shape of a gun? :*

  3. Ah I love Japanese naan! There was an amazing indian curry place close to my home in Ise. Ahhhhhh I’m drooling!

    • How do those in England compare? You should really cavil and show that picture to Indian restaurants in your neighborhood;)

      • I used to go to the curry place when I missed home as I thought it was similar to the curries I get here. Then when I went back to the UK, I realised the stuff I got in Japan was far superior to the stuff I got in the UK. I think the dudes in Japan were from Sri Lanka or something so maybe that’s why?


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