Weird Signs, Issue #1: Dental Sushi Cruise in New Jersey

Sometimes when I’d go to Mitsuwa Marketplace in EdgewaterNew Jersey, the largest Japanese supermarket in the New York City area, I’d walk a few more minutes north to the Trader Joe’s shopping center.  Indeed, when you think “I’m going to go grocery shopping,” commuting by bus/foot from Manhattan to New Jersey is the most logical way to do it…

In any event, Edgewater used to be good for a day trip.  In the early ’00s, my friend and I would take a bus from the one-and-only Port Authority, check out the Japanese food/bookstore and wait three hours for the bus back.  Mitsuwa used to have a dedicated shuttle, but that stopped late last year.

Zooming forward a few years to around 2007-2008 when Trader Joe’s opened nearby.  I like to think of that store as a place that sells what you want, but never what you need.  Anyway, in that same shopping plaza a certifiable member of the weird signs club could be found:

Edgewater, New Jersey (New York City area)- Dental Sushi Cruise Sign

Now, I don’t want to break anybody’s heart here, but the “dental” of dental sushi cruise is no longer present.  That said, let’s imagine medical tourism in international waters for a moment, and then try to figure out if Jiro has anything to do with it.


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