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Airport Spotting

Have you heard of the pastime called plane spotting?  It involves going to various points near an airport to take photos of aircraft and often to log the airplane’s registration number. I like seeing different airlines, but I generally have … Continue reading

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Kajang, Malaysia’s Satay City

Whether or not you want to spell it satay, sate, şiş kebap, or шашлы́к, at the end of the day it’s a few pieces of something, often meat, with a skewer poking through the center. Naturally though, when in Southeast … Continue reading

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Five Exceptional Indian Foods

The traditional Indian food has been globally cherished and appreciated for the excellent use of herbs and spices, along with the medley of so many interesting ingredients which reflect its regional and cultural diversity is why the Indian food outranks … Continue reading

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Asian T-Shirts: New York, a Small New Jersey Suburb

An auspicious walk through a clothing store in Medan, Indonesia briefly left me nostalgic for the New York City subway.   Nostalgic not to take a ride on it, oh no, but to compare the system map with that of a weird … Continue reading

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Airline Meals, Part Six: Someone Else Had Too Much to Drink

I was just thinking of how hungry I am not right now.  It’s best that I feel this way when discussing airline meals specifically originating in the US or China.  Here’s an improbable idea for airlines from those two countries: … Continue reading

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No Pork, New York

We’ve seen how creatively Chinese restaurants – particularly those in Manhattan – have been named, but what about in Brooklyn? Is there anything you’re not craving right now?  “No Pork,” a take-out place in Boerum Hill, might have what you … Continue reading

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