Airline Meals, Part Six: Someone Else Had Too Much to Drink

I was just thinking of how hungry I am not right now.  It’s best that I feel this way when discussing airline meals specifically originating in the US or China.  Here’s an improbable idea for airlines from those two countries: if you’re choosing to feed us, just give us food vouchers for airport vendors with the least offensive odors.  Bonus points if you introduce a device that shocks seatmates when their feet enter your foot compartment.  Unrelated?  Sure.  But not undesirable.

Anyhow, this is one of those unusual moments when I have both a photo of the flight that I took and the meal from said flight.  In mid-2009 after briefly living in Beijing, I decided to visit BusanSouth Korea (부산 busan)–

Air China, Beijing (PEK) Airport (to Busan)

Exciting, isn’t it?

Based on previous experiences flying in/to China, right before boarding I ate bibimbap at a Korean restaurant.  Considering where I was flying to, that might have been a waste, but there was nothing else that looked the least bit approachable, including the “drinking water” machines mainly used to refill thirsty thermoses.

So, did I gamble well?:

Air China, Beijing (PEK) - Busan (PUS) (1)

That roll has an “S.” What’s an S? (Air China, PEK-PUS)

Starting clockwise with the upper-left, we’ve got a soy sauce-stewed (酱卤 jiànglǔ), vacuum-sealed egg, a delicious wet nap, liquid neon sugar posing as fruit juice, a portion of what I mentioned in the title of this post (aka congee), and a roll frozen in time.  Darn, now where’s that donkey sandwich stall when you need it?

In other words…so glad I chose to eat beforehand.

Can your most recent airline meals favorably compare with this?

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8 Responses to Airline Meals, Part Six: Someone Else Had Too Much to Drink

  1. Hahaa!! Love this post!! And even better – the food voucher concept.

    As a pescetarian, I’ve learning flying around N Asia basically means even if you booked your ticket with a veg meal, check again before flying, check again when transferring, invariably it isn’t available. So made a habit of eating before flying. 🙂

    That being said, I’ve also been surprised on rare occasions with actually rather yummy Indian meals on flights in China!! Go figure.

    • Did you request a special (Hindu) meal in China, or you were served that stuff on flights between China and India? Hindu meals are usually a safe bet.

      Have you noticed on Garuda/Merpati flights there’s usually a mysterious block of gelatin?

      • Hahaha! Yes – noticed that about Garuda ‘veg’ options. 😉 And for China flights – simply requested ‘veg’ however as my flights are booked out of India… seems to be an assumption if veg must be Indian! 😉

  2. Oh wow that’s nasty.
    I hope your bibimbap was nice!

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