Asian T-Shirts: New York, a Small New Jersey Suburb

An auspicious walk through a clothing store in Medan, Indonesia briefly left me nostalgic for the New York City subway.   Nostalgic not to take a ride on it, oh no, but to compare the system map with that of a weird t-shirt I found:

Medan, Indonesia - Metro New York T-Shirt
For those of you none too familiar with the NYC-area, I’ll give you a bit of a backgrounder–

Firstly, I don’t know what those stripes are.  It would be great if the subway made it to New Jersey…or is this a game of Rattler Race?

Regarding the place names, did the designers ever look at a map of the area?  Is Hoboken Indonesian slang now?  (I’m going to Jakarta in a month, so I’ll let everyone know in two months.)

To sum up the “points of interest,” Elizabeth, Newwark, Bayonne, Jersey City, and Hoboken are all in New Jersey.  Yes, those cities are part of the metro area, but Elizabeth?  Did they want to sell these shirts at Ikea?

Moreover, New York City barely gets a mention on this shirt. Manhattan is spelled wrong, and I’m really at a loss of words as to why the residential Manhattan neighborhood of Tudor City is mentioned.  To put it another way – and to disprove my being at loss of words – highlighting Tudor City is roughly the same as saying Luton is London’s most recognized airport.

Oh, and in case you wanted to know, someone else has already taken care of the Bronx.

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