Chicken for Dessert: Tavuk Göğsü

What did you have for dinner?

You don’t say.

How about dessert?

After a long wander through downtown Izmir, Turkey, I was craving something sweet.  Baklava would have been an easy choice, but I wanted to try something different.

Not knowing more than ten words of Turkish – including the topic of this post – I entered what appeared to be a pudding restaurant.

Izmir, Turkey - Chicken Dessert (Tavuk Göğsü)

After a few probably misconstrued hand gestures, I received a plate of tavuk göğsü, which in Turkish means chicken breast and likely originates from the early Ottoman Empire.  If you are into archaic recipes, you may also know this dish as blancmange.

Yes, shredded chicken, as well as milk, sugar, and cinnamon all play an important role in this dish.  Is this the balut of desserts?  No.  In fact, upon tasting it I had no idea that this somewhat weird food contained poultry.


Imagine that–eggs for brunch, fried chicken for dinner and this edible flotation device to finish off your day.  Could you foresee this as the next fad?

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