Airline Meals, Part Seven: Burgers for Lunch, Seat Belt Extensions for Dinner

Please pardon my recent absence, as I was on vacation in Indonesia, Narita (Airport) and Jetlagistan.

I didn’t even plan to have a night in Japan, but flying seven hours to connect to a 12+ hour flight after a layover of a few more hours did not sound particularly appealing.  Thus, I paid another visit to the city of Narita and its surplus of budget Japanese food, as well as visited the nearby AEON mall to raid its snack food department.

Yet, if there’s (at least) one made-in-Japan fast food that I crave that isn’t…originally Japanese, it’s MOS Burger.  It could just be nostalgia, from eating it during my first visit to the country in July 2000, or it could be the odd acronym – Mountain Ocean Sun, or maybe it’s (perish the thought) the burger itself, but whatever it was, something about the chain caught my attention.  But with such a limited time in Japan, eating a hamburger wasn’t a priority.

But wait…flying with Japan Airlines back to NY (among other US destinations) offered a surprising treat:

Mos Burger, Japan Airlines, NRT-JFK
Sounds kinda nasty, no?  A burger as airplane food?  On the contrary, it was heated quite well.  There were “instructions” on how to complete the MOS Burger – though I think for other airline meals this might be more appropriate.  For toppings, we’ve got tomato, onions, meat sauce, mangoes (?), and Kewpie mayonnaise.

Oh, and that’s me, wearing a Kewpie t-shirt strategically photographed with said Kewpie mayonnaise.  Naturally, I didn’t go near the stuff…bakeries in that part of the world have gotten too familiar with it.

How does this sound to you?  Better than this?



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8 Responses to Airline Meals, Part Seven: Burgers for Lunch, Seat Belt Extensions for Dinner

  1. I would be happy if I got MOS Burger as part of the in flight meal. In fact, it was getting a MOS Burger kinpira rice burger on a TPE to JFK flight which first introduced and endeared me to the chain. When I visited Japan, I gorged myself on them. Sadly, the Singapore branch of the chain doesn’t have my beloved rice burgers, but I did enjoy the beef ones. I hope you enjoyed your Indonesian travels. 🙂

    • Спасибо for your comment, Tab! Oh, kinpira gobou is good stuff…are you in Singapore now? Since they’re not coming through with your rice burgers, you could always try the Indonesia, Malay or Thai branches;)

  2. I’m still laughing about “Jetlagistan!” 😉 Gotta say Mos is really for the meat eaters so… wouldn’t float my boat. But it is amusing to see on an airline. We are off for our next bout of “Jetlagistan” back to Canada with pit stops in the UK there and back… followed by hop skips and jumps to Van-groovy, the ‘Peg and T.O.

    • Indeed, I seldom eat meat, but when I do, apparently it’s only in the places one would least want to;)

      Ah, when were you last in Canada? Do you play the mileage game too (being based in India, which airlines do you usually fly)? Or does it depend on your client?

  3. I was in Japan for the past two weeks and the one thing I didn’t get to knock off my “to-eat” list was a Mos burger!

    We flew with Alitalia, which had some pretty decent plane food. Very surprising.

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