2015 New York Summer Fancy Food Show

The 2015 New York Summer Fancy Food Show was similar to the 2014 event in that 1) once again, the U.S. booths did their best to ignore me, 2) Tunisia had the best main dish and 3) attendees stayed far away from the China portion.  Over in Italy, gestures spoke louder than words, half of Mexico was composed of tequila producers and someone over in Korea – no, not that Korea – regaled me (for 45 minutes, mind you) with the health benefits of bamboo salt.  In case you’re curious, it tastes like boiled eggs.So, how about the loot?:

2015 New York Summer Fancy Food Show Loot

Not pictured: Things not in this picture

It was a liquid-heavy haul for samples this year.  Overall however, notable flavor profiles include La Croix passion fruit seltzer, Qancha corn nuts (aka chulpe), salmon jerky, teapigs matcha with elderflower, and Navitas coconut hemp sunflower seeds (aka pepitas).  Now that I’m inspecting these products more closely, I reckon that having a meal consisting solely of kombucha and kimchi might have devastating effects.

Have you ever attended a food expo?

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11 Responses to 2015 New York Summer Fancy Food Show

  1. Why did the US stalls ignore you!

    I hope that’s some good kimchi! They only sell poor cheap stuff over here.

  2. I attended, too! Haven’t gotten to my post yet.

  3. Nope… never attended a food exhibit like this! Looks like an ecclectic haul. 🙂

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