Toothpaste, Part Two: Taiwan, USA

On our last trip throughout the wide world of toothpaste, we may have come to the conclusion that good dental hygiene has nothing to do with what influences certain shoppers.

A memorable, if controversial brand though, oh that stuff sells.

Jiayi (Chiayi), Taiwan - White Men-Black Man Toothpaste

In Taiwan, where the stories behind these product names and the products themselves clearly have no detrimental effect on the population, allow me to be the first to introduce you to White Men toothpaste; yes, the Chinese reads “white person” (白人 bái​rén).  Then again, was this actually in response to Barbie Colgate?

In any event, can Taiwan expect to see a more regionally-predictable brand anytime soon?

Maybe not.

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2 Responses to Toothpaste, Part Two: Taiwan, USA

  1. fimo says:

    Actually the packaging says black man 黑人, the word 白 is used in to describe the effect of the toothpaste (bright white and clean)

    • In my previous entry about Darlie, I noted that “黑人” means “black person.” Yes, there is mention of the effect of the toothpaste, but that’s missing the point of my post.


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