Fifty Shades of Wrong: A Pharmacy a Day in Queens, New York

When you’re in Queens, New York, you’re bound to come across something weird at any given moment.  Well…weird is fine, but one southern Flushing pharmacy likely went too far:

S&M Pharmacy, Flushing, Queens, New York

“We Influence Parents’ Nightmares”

There are plenty of distinct – and sometimes offensivesigns out in Queens that have earned a place on BuildingMyBento, but I, hmm, haven’t gotten to them yet.

Of course, the two initials represent the names Shalom and Mecheieh, but if only they made one slight change to the order in which they’re written…it’s not like they’re competing for top billing in a movie either.

Or, it could be that my mind isn’t quite right.  Here, let’s set it right once again.

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1 Response to Fifty Shades of Wrong: A Pharmacy a Day in Queens, New York

  1. That’s pretty bad, though. You’d have thought they’d think that through before making the shop…


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