One-Child Policy: The Ride

I’ve been to Los Angeles a few times, but I still don’t know it as well as other equally food-crazed, architecturally-curious cities.  All the better, since that spells greater motivation to explore the massive LA-Long Beach-Catalina-Pomona metropolis.

No matter where I am, when walking isn’t an option, public transit is my usual ride for getting around.  And no matter where I go, I generally seem to end up in a Chinatown.

Just as New York City has a few Chinatowns, so does the LA-area.  The official one is close to downtown right by Union Station, and apparently just like Manhattan’s nearly obsolete Little Italy, this one also sprang up from an older Italian neighborhood.  (Side note: What’s the big idea, China?  Italy had a relatively small sphere of influence in China at the turn of the 20th century)

Anyway, after reaching that Chinatown, the first thing to catch my attention wasn’t a gate, or a restaurant or even someone yelling on a phone.  Rather, it was a lonely amusement park throwaway:

One-Child Policy Ride, Los Angeles, California, USA

Yes, many of us have probably seen those small 25¢ rides for children outside of supermarkets and other stores.  This one looks a tad more unnerving.  I am however, tickled by the presence of influences by both the West (a big top and a clown) and the East (the color yellow and a red dragon).  Not to mention, from whose car were those lights stolen?

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