Shopping Around Dhaka, Bangladesh

I visited Dhaka, Bangladesh a few years ago – mostly to eat– but also to check out Louis Kahn’s National Assembly Building.  Naturally, I wasn’t allowed in at the time, so I had to stick to plan A, that being food.

In the city of tens of thousands of rickshaws and taxi rides that went for about $1.50 an hour, I still couldn’t help but get into wander mode.  Occasionally, I’d stop at a shopping center for some relief from the chaos, and oh did those malls pay off–

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Weird Shopping Center Signs (4)
The Norwood and Parkchester sections of the Bronx are home to rapidly growing Bangladeshi communities.  Would be something else if Dhaka was home to a rapidly growing Puerto Rican community.

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Weird Shopping Center Signs (3)

While we’re on the topic of New York…I’m kidding, but it still burns a little inside passing by both Domino’s and Papa John’s in Manhattan. But this off-shoot, I’ll let them side.

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Weird Shopping Center Signs (2)


The only question is, do they also have fried chicken?

Dhaka, Bangladesh - Weird Shopping Center Signs (1)

Here’s one for the weird signs collection.  The mannequin on the left doesn’t exactly scream what I typically think of as Western, so maybe they mean West Bengal?

Terrible jokes aside, what’s even more unusual about this is the presence of a saloon right next door.  What country do they think this is?

Have you been to Dhaka?  Do you keep watch for knock-offs/bizarre signage in your travels?

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