“Give Me the Meat Feast, Hold the Meat.”

A long time ago, a friend and I were eating at Denny’s when he told me this anecdote about one of the other restaurant patrons.  He said that the other customer said to the waitress “give me the meat feast, hold the meat.”  Although I wasn’t within earshot for this once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, I unfortunately pay witness to a much less humorous phenomenon: the Manhattan shopper:

Manhattan, New York City, USA - Sushi Raw Fish Sign

How generous of New York City‘s Westside Market to let us know!  It’s in the same vein as a sign in Chinatown declaring “we earn all of our tips.”  On second thought, at least one place there does.

OK, I’ll offer up a short history lesson to sap some of the fun out of this.  Although sushi as we I know it today likely started after vinegar and raw fish were added to rice in Japan in the 1820s, the idea possibly comes from Southeast Asia many centuries ago–the point was originally to preserve food through pickling and fermentation.

So, fellow consumers, which sushi appeals more to you, one with salted fish in plain cooked rice, or the contemporary bastardized versions with deluges of mayonnaise, raw beef and this nasty stuff?

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