Potent Packaging: Hey China, Look at Me!


I couldn’t find an adapter for my recent trip to Russia, so I went to a local discount store in Manhattan to get one.

Manhattan, New York - Dalai Lama Packaging

I didn’t end up buying this one – besides, if you wander around Broadway in the upper 20s, you could find them for ~$1 – but oh, was the packaging a doozy.  In addition to the lack of a copyright year on the bottom of the package, and completely ignoring the manufacturer’s desire to fit every single color known to exist on the carton, there’s a weird quote near the bottom too:

“Compassion is the pillar of world peace.”

As if you already couldn’t tell this was made in China, some cheeky character went ahead and included something that wouldn’t be out of place in the mind of the Dalai Lama.  Sure enough, this leader of Tibet in-exile would claim to have said this.  Oh, and this would not make it to shop were it printed in Chinese.

Let’s look at this another, tackier way.  $7.99 to relieve both my phone and myself of suffering?  What a deal!

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3 Responses to Potent Packaging: Hey China, Look at Me!

  1. expatlingo says:

    Did you feel compassionate when you overpaid for your adapter?

    • I took the picture in the store;)

      Good to be back in the fragrant harbour? I really need to get back there and explore one of the “Sai” beaches…

      • expatlingo says:

        Really nice to be back. I’ve already gone on many nice hikes, swam in the sea (from the beach and off a junk) and have eaten great food. Delighted to be here in Hong Kong again!


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