Cool It! Shopping Made Too Easy in Tokyo

Let’s say you pay a visit to one of the brilliant デパ地下 (depachika; department store basement food halls) in Japan but then realize that you also wanted to do some non-edible shopping.  Well then, it sounds like you’re not me…but not to fear, as management already has you covered:

Tokyo, Mitsukoshi Department Store, RefrigeratorAllow me to introduce the 冷蔵 (reizou; cold storage/refrigeration) コインロッカー (koin rokkacoin locker).  Even though some things may store better than others, apparently even flowers are appropriate…or, someone just didn’t want to carry them around.  Can’t blame ’em, given the awkward shape (of the flowers).  

I noticed these lockers at the Mitsukoshi in Nihombashi, Tokyo; another convenience provided by the seafood department cashiers is that they’ll offer you packs of 氷 (koori ice).  A souvenir for Californians, perhaps?

Have you visited a department store in Japan?

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4 Responses to Cool It! Shopping Made Too Easy in Tokyo

  1. Japan continues to intrigue and pleasantly surprise me 🙂

  2. This goes into the ‘what will they think of next?’ And also ‘Will never happen in India!’ 😉


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