Preview: Brooklyn Crush Wine and Artisanal Food Festival, Autumn Edition

This Saturday, November 14th, Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York City will play host to the Brooklyn Crush Wine & Artisanal Food Festival: Autumn Edition.

brooklyn-crush-autumn-2015-updated-bannerSource: NY Wine Events

Events held in NYC can usually be described as urbane urban mosh pits, so NY Wine Events gives us the courtesy of two different sessions – 3pm to 6pm, and then 8pm to 11pm – during which we can stuff ourselves – both literally and figuratively – with the best that Brooklyn kitchens have to offer.  Oh, and if you haven’t guessed by now, you’ll be able to sample from among 200+ reds and whites…wine, that is, all while live jazz plays to help you forget that you’ll often be queuing up.

There will be a slew of cheeses, meats, dips, sweets, and even things for people making up diets on the spot…it is Brooklyn, you know.  For those hankering for a bit more than a teaspoon-sized sample, “The Supper Section” will allow attendees – for an additional charge – to try from among four different Brooklyn-based establishments: Fedoroff’s South Philly Italian Sandwiches, Ends Meat, manila social, and miti miti serving Latin-influenced fare.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even get to cross paths at this fall’s Brooklyn Crush.

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