Unforgettable Breakfast Series, Part 2: Moscow, Russia

How do you get rid of the taste of whale?” is totally going to be a chapter in my book.  In Sapporo, the answer was chocolate sandwich.

For Moscow, Russia, I’m…not sure I have a sufficient response.  I’ll be back in two weeks though, for a brief but likely frigid visit, to vet more choices.   Until then, let’s take a look at my food and drink for one particular Muscovite breakfast:

Moscow, Russia - Cucumber and Dill Yoghurt Drink (Armenian Tan) & Poppy Pastry (Danish)One good thing about this pairing is that I didn’t need to understand Russian to enjoy know what was inside Pandora’s box.  Judging by the poppy seed pastry on the left, I’d say it was…poppy seed pastry.  On the right, a cucumber and dill milkshake?

Ehh, not quite.  The Russian word TAH (tahn) stems from the Armenian word Թան, which is pronounced much the same.  The beverage contains a seemingly too simple mix of yoghurt/yogurt and water, though salt is often thrown in just to give the kidneys a jolt.  It’s a summery drink, and the salt helps replace minerals lost from perspiration.

Cheap eats, courtesy of useful graphics and a bizarrely untamed palate.

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3 Responses to Unforgettable Breakfast Series, Part 2: Moscow, Russia

  1. I’m sorry that drink sounds gross!!!
    Hope you’re doing well!

    • Would you prefer a natto shake;)?

      How have you been, Charlotte? I’ll be in Tokyo early next January…when’s your next Far East venture?

      • I’d like to get back to Japan next year – the tickets are extremely cheap right now and the yen is also great. But I only just went in June, so I’d like to try somewhere different. Maybe East Europe. Love reading about your adventures!


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