Moscow’s Quirky Vending Machines, Part Dva

I really thought Japan had the monopoly on weird vending machines, but Moscow, Russia sits comfortably in second place, tied with China.

Since I’ve written about Russian vending machines once before, it’s about time we learn how to read – and if we’re lucky, pronounce – the Russian translation for them.  Here it goes…торговый автомат, or targo-veh avtomatAutomats? Those sound familiar.

OK, so they may not be a match for pancake juice, but let’s have a look at three more entries:

Moscow, Russia - Fresh Orange Juice Vending MachineZumo being Spanish for juice, since this is an orange juice vending machine, maybe someone visited Valencia one time and thought it would be a good name?

Coming from the US where I only ever see tobacco, sodas and candy in vending machines – oh, and lobsters – it was a double shock that one could exist offering something healthy AND fresh.  Though…how long have those oranges been around?  This was at Domodedovo Airport.

Moscow, Russia - Pizza Vending MachineEncountered this pizza version at a buffet along New Arbat Avenue.  Using my rudimentary Russian skills, I believe it offers “pizza in 90 seconds.”  Using your common sense skills, you probably knew that too.

Moscow, Russia - Vending Machine with Empty CupAn empty cup, the winner of today’s weird vending machine “competition.”  This was at Vnukovo Airport…though it’s not as if you should be delighting in Muscovite tap water either.

Still, the point is to reduce waste.  I also noticed in restaurants in Moscow that condiments and other items you’d expect to be free in other countries come with a small charge.  Many restaurants in China charge for napkins, and that’s 没问题 (no problem).  Relics of tougher times, perhaps?

Have you seen any other vending machines worth a mention here?

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4 Responses to Moscow’s Quirky Vending Machines, Part Dva

  1. I’m still with Japan having some of the craziest things in vending machines. Russia has yet to convince me. 🙂

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