One Night, One Meal: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

One night, one meal might be a good name for a (recurring blog) series, but until I can rediscover where most of my photos went, it’ll serve as a reminder to me and everyone else to periodically back up our files!

That said, let’s get to the gist of this post– food.  On a recent round-the-world trip, I had a layover in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates).  Although I’ve been before, it’s an exceedingly dull place that warrants no return other than to transit for a short time…ok, and to grab a bite.

If you land at Terminal 2 at DXB and don’t want to hail a taxi, the airport just laughs at you as your only other option is a public bus (Terminals 1 and 3 have metro stops, too).  As the buses don’t take cash, you have to track down a driver randomly selling a nol transit card, but have exact change otherwise he, too will laugh at you.

Once you’re on board the bus  – females and kids in the front, males in the back – take it to near the Fish Roundabout in Deira.  Without a doubt, that’s the only part of town I tolerate, and here’s one reason why:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Ful, Fattoush, Shwarma, Banana Shake, and PicklesDeira is the older, working-class section of Dubai.  That’s where textile, mobile phone and who-knows-what-else traders from around the world swarm; consequently, that’s where their humbler restaurants and cafeterias – as well as cheaper lodging – exist.

Though South Asian eats are plentiful in Deira, as I was on my way to Nepal, I figured a giant spread of ful medames – fava beans with oil and cumin, among other ingredients, fattoush, shawarma, two plates of pickles, and a banana shake would fit the bill.  Indeed, it all did.

If you had one night and one meal in Dubai, what would you eat?

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2 Responses to One Night, One Meal: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  1. That looks like one massive and impressive meal.


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