Product Review: SuperSeedz Pumpkin Seeds

SuperSeedz logoBack at the GFAF (gluten-free allergen-friendly) expo in Southern California last month, the folks over at SuperSeedz, a Connecticut-based pumpkin seed seller, were quite eager for me to try their vegan snacks.

I’m still not quite sure why any company would add the word gourmet to their tagline – to me, it’s an adjective that dilutes one’s product – on the other hand, I’ve always been a fan of pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin seeds are a good source of zinc (to strengthen your immune system), protein and iron, and are naturally cholesterol-free.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, SuperSeedz are shellfish-free, too!

However, it’s food, so I’ll gladly accept.  Pining to learn about their flavors?…

SuperSeedz Pumpkin Seeds Product ReviewSuperSeedz sent me a sampler package containing all nine varieties that they currently sell.  Let’s see how they fared on an individual basis; regarding the photo above, I placed the original in the middle, and then the rest next to their respective pouches (in general, the left side of the plate is sweet, the right is savory).  For future reference, you may want to have a drink nearby, as these will probably make you quite thirsty.

  1. Really Naked – the standard pumpkin seed.  Tasted as it should, that is, mostly unadulterated.  A good, somewhat neutral snack.
  2. Sea Salt – Not overpoweringly salty, so I approve.
  3. Tomato Italiano – Skeptical at first, but I did taste the tomato, basil and garlic.  If your friend keeps gluten-free, order a pizza for yourself, and give him/her a bag of these.
  4. Somewhat Spicy – Cayenne pepper and sea salt.  Since my first visit to Indonesia in 2005, I’ve been on a spicy food kick.  These aren’t spicy enough for me…but then again, I should re-read the product name.
  5. Super Spicy – Still not enough!  But, getting there.  Habaneros and crushed red peppers were added to the cayenne pepper and sea salt of the Somewhat Spicy. I’d buy these again.
  6. Curious Curry – To be fair, I’ve never liked any snacks with the stereotypical curry flavor, and these are no different.  Which is to say, they tasted exactly as expected, and that’s a good thing.
  7. Coco Joe – Reminded me of a not-too-sweet supermarket hot cocoa.  Though, with “Joe” added to the name, I expected coffee to also be present.  It wasn’t, though in accordance with the description on the website, I certainly would enjoy them on yogurt.
  8. Maple Sugar & Sea Salt – SuperSeedz’s newest flavor, though I tasted more caramel than maple sugar.  Where’d you source your maple sap, Canada?  Just kidding…
  9. Cinnamon & Sugar – My favorite of the three sweet types, but that was also to be expected.  Can’t resist cinnamon, or cassia, or whatever they used to come up with this choice.  I’d probably empty this bag faster than any other.  Pity my teeth.

    Thanks again for the SuperSeedz, and never run out of the Tomato Italiano or Cinnamon & Sugar!

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