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Nearly every Saturday during my sophomore year of college, my roommate and I would subject ourselves to a take-no-prisoners Indian buffet.  Was it good?  It had its moments, not the least of which was the grueling walk back to the … Continue reading

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Study Chinese, Learn English: Signs in China

Where’s a mirror when you need one? Whether or not you’ve visited China, you may have seen photos from that part of the world.  Half of the time, the photos might be of pollution – in which case, have fun … Continue reading

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Five Rajasthani Dishes to Try When You Visit India (Guest Post)

Steeped In The Cauldrons of History Rajasthan is one of the most popular states in India – the raison d’être being the bosom of royal bloodlines and their kingdoms. To this day, the forts in Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, lakes in … Continue reading

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Event Review: The Bloody Mary Festival in Brooklyn, New York

Disclaimer: In exchange for an event review, I received a press pass. Although a wine and Fernet Branca festival (individually served, that is) would be more up my alley, tomato juice and vodka mixed with various savory ingredients also gets … Continue reading

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Event Preview: The Big Cheesy 2016 (Manhattan, New York)

From 11:00am on April 23rd until 7:00pm on April 24th, Openhouse (168 Bowery by Kenmare St.) in Manhattan‘s Lower East Side near Chinatown offers one of its spaces to The Big Cheesy 2016, a championship event summoning all those gluten– and dairy-starved … Continue reading

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I Like Spicy Food, Part 1.

When I think of spicy food, I think of tropical weather.  You can grow chilies almost anywhere, but Indonesia, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Thailand, and southern India are invariably, the first places that come to mind. Why don’t I think … Continue reading

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Product Reviews: Brooklyn Whatever, Zia Green Chile Co., Four Sigmatic, Jalapa Jar

Although I’ve attended a number of food events in the past three years, there are a few products in which I’m always buying different brands, in an attempt to find something quality.  No, I’m not going for the extra obscure; … Continue reading

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