Five Rajasthani Dishes to Try When You Visit India (Guest Post)

Steeped In The Cauldrons of History

Rajasthan is one of the most popular states in India – the raison d’être being the bosom of royal bloodlines and their kingdoms. To this day, the forts in Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, lakes in Udaipur and palaces in Jaipur with their alluring beauty and quiet charm weave dreamy tales in your imagination and make you feel like one of the many sovereigns who had lived there eons ago.

Due to the many feuds that ensued from many imperial clashes, and the arid nature of this land, the food of Rajasthan still carries its war-influenced and baked soil essences. While one seldom ponders on how the cuisines of a place have come to being, it is a quintessential part of the land’s very soul infused with its produce. With the limited species of herbaceous vegetation and sparse rainfall, Rajasthani cuisines are, at best, the wonderful blend of human ingenuity and its available foliage pressed on by many combat eras.

Delve into Delectable Delights

  1. Papad Ki Sabji

papad-ki-sabjiPhoto by Twit Rajat, CC BY-SA 4.0

Papad are flat, roughly circular fried snacks that are made from various types of lentils with flavoring that can range from mild to spicy. These flat, crispy chip-like rations are the usual companions of most Indian dishes. However, they take on a unique form in this Rajasthani dish. The papad are either fired or roasted, and then sauté in a thick gravy mixture of yoghurt and tomatoes. A mouthwatering mix of spices adds a savory taste and distinct aroma to this curry, and it can be served with anything from steamed rice to various Indian flatbreads including roti, paratha or naan.

  1. Gatte Ki Sabji

daal-baati-and-gatte-ki-sabjiPhoto by Sahil tiwarie, CC BY-SA 4.0

Gatte, in simplest terms are made from dough of besan (ground garam flour alternatively known as chick peas) into small dumplings or mounds. These are dipped and cooked in a lightly spicy medium comprising of buttermilk and is served with roti or chapattis (Indian flat bread). Rice is also a feasible option to have with Gatte ki sabji.

  1. Daal-Baati-Churma

dal-baati-churmaPhoto by Niranjan.gohane, CC BY-SA 4.0

This humble dish comprises of three main parts- the Daal (a stew made from pulses and lentils), the Baati (delightful little round balls made from roasted wheat flour) and the Churma (a modest dish semolina, sugar, spices and nuts mixed together and usually shaped in small balls). This dish is said to have been invented to keep up with the rigorous demand of a nutritious and lasting meal for the soldiers. However, this unassuming cuisine ended up becoming a favorite of the kings too.

  1. Missi Roti

missi-rotiPhoto by (cropped) HARIOM.AWASTHI, CC BY-SA 4.0

A unique take on Indian flatbread, the Missi roti differ from conventional Indian flatbread in the fact that lentils are used along with flour. These are thick and have a smattering plethora of spices in the mix which make for a delectable fusion in the mouth. While Missi roti is a delight on its own, various stews of lentils, or a generous spoonful of butter up its ability to make you salivate.

  1. Bejad Ki Roti

bejad-ki-rotiPhoto by Kuldeep.hindustan, CC BY-SA 4.0

Rajasthan is famous for the many types of flat breads in its dishes, and Bejad ki roti only adds to these. A mixture of barley and chick pea flour, the Bejad flatbread is scrumptious and also helpful for managing a healthy weight. These are often served with daal (lentil stew) and jaggery after being doused with a generous helping of ghee (clarified butter).


Rajasthani dishes have evolved from eons of warfare and its desert environment. Hence, though they have a lacking for herds and other common greens, the Rajasthani natives used sheer inventiveness in formulating rich, nutritious food which is not just healthy, but also delights the taste buds.

Author Bio

Himanshu is a diverse foodie at heart and loves trying out new gastronomical fares every chance he gets. A keen explorer from Pearls India Tour, he is an enthusiastic trekker and although a fitness freak, he allows himself the occasional indulgence in rich flavorful food for he believes in bringing delight to all the senses.

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