History Standard Time at Oakland International Airport

Your odd fact for the day: China is officially in one time zone.

(Relevant transition, please!)

Understood…the governments’ of China and Pakistan have had a good relationship for decades.  Slightly less related, a few years ago, I was flying through Oakland International Airport in California when I encountered the following clock somewhere by the security checkpoint in Terminal 1:

Oakland International Airport, California, USA (OAK) - West Pakistan ClockTerminal 1 opened in 1962, and it looks as if history had since forgotten about it. What am I mostly basing that on?

The fact that Pakistan West makes an appearance.  As a history buff myself, I knew that the country dropped the “West” due to issues with a certain contemporary US singer’s controversial lyrics. Nah, but that would be amusing, hey?

Rather, West Pakistan and East Pakistan – now known as Bangladesh – were at war between March and December 1971, until Bangladesh, with aid from India, successfully gained its independence.  (Not to mention, Bombay is now Mumbai…)

OAK, I’d say it’s about time you updated your clocks, but I must admit, you had me to chuckle for a spell.

If you’d like to read about how Oakland came to get that name, check out this link.

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