Falk You, England! Argentina and the Fifty Peso Note

Time to create a word: inflatuation.  Meaning?  (Tourist with a) fondness for countries suffering from superlatively high inflation.  Venezuela might be the current flavor of the month, but this issue isn’t new to Argentina either.  While your country is grappling with excessive inflation, you might as well instruct your state bank to try to instill some nationalist pride in your people.  Enter, the 50 peso note:

Argentina - Cincuenta Pesos (Fifty 50 Pesos) with Islas Malvinas aka the Falkland IslandsI’m shocked that nationalism hasn’t yet been mentioned in the bento box.  Anyway, it was rather cunning of former Argentine president Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner de Nada (ok, I added the “de Nada”) to redo one of her country’s bills with an outline of the Falkland Islands, or the Islas Malvinas.

In fact, an invading battalion of those islands – geographically in South America – in early April 1982 was mercilessly smited by the United Kingdom under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s watch.  The invasion of – and counterattack by – respectively, by those countries was meant to earn them support and respect from the public.  That worked for PM Thatcher.  As for Argentina, it gave easily distracted tourists such as myself a unique souvenir.

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