Idiosyncratic Indonesia

Oh, looks like we’ve been down this alliterative avenue before.  However, this time, we’ll paint Indonesia in a more playful light.

I’ve gathered three photos that have amused me since coming across their subjects in Java last year…although one of those subjects has been permanently banned from my bento for many years.

Care to guess what that is?

Jakarta, Indonesia - No Durians on Train Sign

“Prohibited to bring things with a stinging smell”

Durian.  Yes, this sign is quite common throughout Southeast Asia.  You’ll see it throughout various modes of transport, hotels, shopping malls, and synagogues elevators.

That said, over in Jakarta, it might be considered one of the better aromas from which to choose.

Jakarta, Indonesia - Air Freshener Remote ControlWhile we’re on the topic, how about this remote control for an air freshener?  I noticed this in an apartment in Jakarta.  Sadly, my traveling mates and I never tried it out, but I wonder if you could buy a durian-scented version?  What would be in the greatest hits collection?

Solo (Surakarta), Indonesia - Credit Card on Public Transit (1)Although I was only in Solo (a city in central Java) once, I was incredulous at the possibility of using a credit card machine to board a public bus.  Nuanced.  As some who actively likes testing out public transit, this was surprisingly a first for me.  Not exactly efficient during rush hour; on the plus side, these buses actually had four sides.

Fancy a visit to Indonesia now?

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