Event Review: The 2016 Great Big Bacon Picnic (Brooklyn, New York)

Note: In exchange for an event review, I received a VIP ticket to The Great Big Bacon Picnic in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

the-great-big-bacon-picnic-williamsburg-brooklyn-new-york-25sep2016-3To think I’m still full.  The bacon…the meat…the alcohol…yet The Great Big Bacon Picnic ended four days ago.  Having picnic tables was something of a cruel joke – relax for a few hours – but then you eventually have to stand up.

Was it worth it?  Let’s find out.

the-great-big-bacon-picnic-williamsburg-brooklyn-new-york-25sep2016-15For one, Casper, the mattress company, donated a few sleeping pods; they predicted that us carnivores (and lushes) might need a quiet spot to overcome our food comas.

the-great-big-bacon-picnic-williamsburg-brooklyn-new-york-25sep2016-8New Mexico was well-represented, at least in vexillogical form.  If only that booth had proffered Hatch chilies and eggs, I would’ve camped out in front.

the-great-big-bacon-picnic-williamsburg-brooklyn-new-york-25sep2016-5In keeping with the breakfast theme, Traif, a Williamsburg-based pork-focused eatery, prepared doughnuts with bacon on top.  Traif, by the way, signifies anything unkosher.  Even better?  The Great Big Bacon Picnic took place in a particularly Orthodox Jewish part of Brooklyn.

the-great-big-bacon-picnic-williamsburg-brooklyn-new-york-25sep2016-14New American” meets Taiwanese pork buns, with a side of sweet vinegary pork in the background.

Boonnum’s Kitchen, the Thai entrant – my favorite savory vendor of the day (forgot to take a photo, but lettuce and bacon were present)- asked if I wanted to take their chili plants home.  This was because I requested my dish to be peht peht, extra hot.  After discovering their stall, I added peppers to every meal.

the-great-big-bacon-picnic-williamsburg-brooklyn-new-york-25sep2016-6A hamburger with bacon from Sweet Science, pork belly ssam from Cow & Clover, a bacon cheese nibble from PJ Clarke’s, and a big slab of sweet bacon.  I was stuffed before I realized that I could go back for fourths.

the-great-big-bacon-picnic-williamsburg-brooklyn-new-york-25sep2016-11This funnel cake bacon hamburger did look like a lot of fun, but it wasn’t.  That said, I’m open to trying your version.

the-great-big-bacon-picnic-williamsburg-brooklyn-new-york-25sep2016-1A bacon bloody mary?  That is so April 2016.  This time, to wash everything down, I had a bacon egg cream.

So, as petitioned up thread, was it worth it?  YES, yes it was.

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  1. Casper are being really creative with their advertising, it’s really good to see. If I had the money, I’d get one purely because I like the way they work – and I guess the mattress must be pretty good too!


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