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Do Not Adjust Your Cyan: The Malaysian Food Edition

Golly, every time I post something, it seems as if I should be adding a new category.  But what could that category be for today’s post?  Rice? Botany?  Printers? By now, we’ve established that I’ll eat almost anything.  That goes … Continue reading

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Event Review: 2016 New York City Wine and Food Festival

Note: In exchange for an event review of the 2016 New York City Wine & Food Festival Grand Tasting, I received one entry ticket. The 9th annual Food Network/Cooking Channel New York City Wine and Food Festival – the largest … Continue reading

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Ken-Ken’s (Controversial) Cuttlefish from Singapore

I’m a yuge big fan of seafood.  Anytime of the day, even lunch.  In general, I’ll opt for some grilled octopus or freshly shucked oysters over a slab of cow meat…or at least, alongside said steak. That said, I don’t … Continue reading

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Review: Japan’s J!NS (JINS) Eyeglasses

Note: In exchange for a pair of eyeglasses, I am writing this review about J!NS (JINS) -@jinseyewear – the Japanese eyeglasses company. Even after countless visits to Japan, I only heard about J!NS at a New York event earlier this … Continue reading

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Product Reviews: Harmless Harvest and Raaka Virgin Chocolate

Note: In exchange for a brief review, I received the following products: Today’s mentions include Harmless Harvest‘s coconut water and coconut water with fair trade coffee, and Raaka Virgin Chocolate’s chocolate bars with ghost pepper, pink sea salt, and coconut … Continue reading

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