Do Not Adjust Your Cyan: The Malaysian Food Edition

Golly, every time I post something, it seems as if I should be adding a new category.  But what could that category be for today’s post?  Rice? Botany?  Printers?

By now, we’ve established that I’ll eat almost anything.  That goes for food, too.  In spite of this culinary agnosticism, I still get tickled by some dishes…

ipoh-malaysia-blue-rice-nasi-kerabuThis somewhat unusual – outside of its homeland – meal was discovered at a roadside stall in Ipoh, Malaysia.  Although Ipoh is a Cantonese stronghold, as mentioned above, I like eating edible things, so I stuck with the Burmese, and in this case, Malaysian food.

It’s called nasi kerabu, which literally translates as “rice with raw vegetables/fruits.”  The topping consisted of dried fried coconut and fish…misleading much?

If you’re lucky – in place of the more likely artificial food colorant – the blue color of the ostentatious rice comes from the butterfly pea flower (in Malay, it’s bunga telang), a plant which is also consumed fried, and as a drink.

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4 Responses to Do Not Adjust Your Cyan: The Malaysian Food Edition

  1. Think that blue rice would put me off a bit though the rest of the combination is quite familiar and think I tried something along these lines at a foodcourt in Jakarta last month. 🙂

  2. “Wrong” colours are where I draw the line. Heinz in the UK released green ketchup when I was a kid and even though it was the exact same flavour, I couldn’t eat it.


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