(What Was) The Binghamton Ferryboat in Edgewater, New Jersey, USA

It’s not easy, voluntarily going to New Jersey.  But if you’re into history, like me, and strip malls, unlike me, the borough of Edgewater might be a curious day trip from Manhattan.  Move over, bizarre apartment building probably influenced by a random google image search for Kazakhstan, I’m talking about the Binghamton.

the-binghamton-ferryboat-edgewater-new-jersey-usa-2Full disclosure, I vaguely remember walking by the Binghamton – a Hudson River ferryboat constructed in 1905 to transport folks to and fro Barclay St. in Lower Manhattan – back in 2008.  However, I have no photos of it from, possibly because it was hardly in such an inoperable state back then (abandoned stuff rocks).

Ferry service stopped in 1967, and in 1975, after mooring in its current home in Edgewater, the Binghamton was converted into a nightclub and restaurant.  Meanwhile, the boat was added onto the National Register of Historic Places in 1982, which in fact, does not affect whether or not one can demolish/remove said artifact/property.

Nelson Gross, the owner of Binghamton’s, the name of the aforementioned discotheque, was found mysteriously murdered in 1997; thereafter, a series of misfortune befell the ferryboat.  Binghamton’s closed in 2007, after years of declining profits.  Soon after, lawsuits, arson, and two hurricanes all helped turn the obsolete Binghamton into a paradise for geese, and for shopping center-goers who enjoy skimming rocks.

the-binghamton-ferryboat-edgewater-new-jersey-usa-1For more detailed info, visit this website; simply put, I had to pay tribute to possibly one of the last surviving Hudson River ferryboats…plus, for even more history, check out the location of the Burr-Hamilton duel, in nearby Weehawken.

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