Product Review: Primal Kitchen, Part Two

A bit of a nice surprise from the paleo-friendly Primal Kitchen came in the mail yesterday.

I wrote a review about their chipotle mayonnaise, Greek vinaigrette, and dark chocolate almond bar this past May, and then had an unexpected chat with a few Primal Kitchen representatives at the 2016 New York Fancy Food Show.

In addition to another jar of the quality chipotle mayonnaise, what else was in store for me this time?

primalkitchen_ranchdressingAlthough it has been a long spell since ranch dressing made an entrance in one of my meals, Primal Kitchen’s version with avocado oil is fortunately nothing like the flavor I expected.  Sure, it’s a bit creamy, but I mostly tasted citrus and salty notes, as opposed to concentrated lethargy (e.g. try standing up after eating a plate of spaghetti carbonara).  Though, my main concern with most bottle dressings is the fat content, and this one…doesn’t disappoint.

Lately, I’ve just been doing a blend of vinegar, salt, and pepper, but Primal Kitchen’s ranch dressing is not too shabby.

primalkitchen_dark-chocolate_almond primalkitchen_chocolate-hazelnut

Getting into the collagen (which is often considered to be good for one’s skin, nails and joints) bars now, I have two general complaints.  One, there’s a lot of fat in each bar.  Dos, each one is a very chewy snack.

However, I do appreciate that each bar is quite loyal to its name; for instance, a single chocolate hazelnut bar has a generous amount of filberts, err, hazelnuts, there’s a solid amount of protein, ,and they are quite filling.primalkitchen_macadamia_-sea-salt primalkitchen_coconut-cashew_barIn spite of not liking the dark chocolate almond, macadamia sea salt, and chocolate hazelnut bars, I really liked the coconut cashew version, mostly because of the coconut.  Primal Kitchen, if you try a pistachio coconut or Brazil nut coconut bar, count me in as an automatic fan!

Thanks again for giving me some good grub for the holidays, Primal Kitchen.

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