Watch those Airport Scales

It goes without saying – though I’ll say it anyway – that travel during the holiday season somehow becomes even more of a nuisance.  Everything you never liked about planes, trains, automobiles, and bikes is amplified to the nth degree.

Then again, you might be able to swing the “but it’s Christmas” excuse when dealing with a check-in agent or a baggage handler.  However, if you’re dealing with baggage scale – i.e. something that can’t insult you back – you might be outta luck…

After making it to New York’s LaGuardia Airport a wee-bit too early for a Delta flight, I decided to inspect the curbside scales, if only because there were no attendants present.  Delta, your sneaky history encourages no smiles, but we’ll still fly you because screw antitrust laws you’re not really different than any other business.

Folks, safe travels, and good luck with checked luggage.

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2 Responses to Watch those Airport Scales

  1. !! That’s shocking! Do you think they calibrate it or something when they get to their post?


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