Review: Gotham Market at the Ashland (Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NY)

Disclaimer: In exchange for this food hall review, I received an invite to the soft opening of the Gotham Market at the Ashland in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, NYC.  All photos were taken by an associate.

A random walk in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan a few years ago introduced me to Gotham West Market, Gotham Hospitality’s first entry into the food hall scene.  Whereas that market was something of a bellwether in that part of town, the Fort Greene/Barclays Center area in Brooklyn is already on the up-and-up…at least, in terms of gentrification.  Case-in-point: the Ashland is a luxury condominium, and its recently opened Gotham Market pairs quite well, in adding a clean and welcoming food hall to the neighborhood, and in offering a small but tempting variety of food outlets to a chain restaurant-heavy part of town.

gotham-market-at-the-ashland-fort-greene-brooklyn-nyc-usa-25-january-2017-8Gotham Market at the Ashland will have several permanent fixtures, and one pop-up that rotates every four months.  The initial pop-up is called The Crabby Shack, a Crown Heights, Brooklyn-based eatery specializing in steamed hams.  Just kidding…their game is crab rolls and other dishes featuring that crustacean.  Indeed, they were my choice sampler of the night:

gotham-market-at-the-ashland-fort-greene-brooklyn-nyc-usa-25-january-2017-5The mainstays include Apizza Regionale, which baked some quality thin-crust slices of potato and prosciutto + arugula pizza–

gotham-market-at-the-ashland-fort-greene-brooklyn-nyc-usa-25-january-2017-9Bar Granger, the locus of alcoholic activity in the food hall; Flip Bird, with rotisserie and fried chicken (but no wet naps?); Boqueria, a full-service tapas restaurant opening next month; and Mason Jar, with Southern US favorites such as meats smoked en situ, and a selection of whiskey and bourbon–

gotham-market-at-the-ashland-fort-greene-brooklyn-nyc-usa-25-january-2017-4In the spring, a coffee and breakfast counter called Egg @ the Bird will cook up freshly made breads and other morning staples.

gotham-market-at-the-ashland-fort-greene-brooklyn-nyc-usa-25-january-2017-1Although it looks as if there no places to sit, fear not, as that was just for the opening night.  Ample seating and tables are available.

Gotham Market at the Ashland will be open daily from 11am until late in the evening.

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