Event Review: The 2017 New York Oyster and Beer Festival

Disclaimer: In exchange for an event review, I received an entry ticket.  All photos were taken by my associate.

On February 11th, the Tunnel/La.Venue at the Waterfront (269 11th Avenue between 27th and 28th Street) in Manhattan, New York hosted The New York Oyster and Beer Festival. Included in the ticket price, in addition to the bivalves and some liquor samples, also present were a dj (this time, spinning tunes at a reasonable volume) and another obnoxious crowd incapable of lining up.  Perhaps that’s where the alcohol came into play…perhaps not.

the-2017-new-york-oyster-and-beer-festival-1Whereas I don’t have too many photos, to sum up The 2017 Oyster & Beer Festival, it was a mess.  I noticed one ceviche booth that had either already exhausted its supply for the day by 1:30 (the show ran from 12-4), or had decided not to show up.  Lines for drinks and oysters were often conflated, there were no wet-naps, and raw oysters (e.g. as opposed to grilled ones) predominated.

That said, let’s have a look at a few photos:

the-2017-new-york-oyster-and-beer-festival-5This may have been the one oyster booth that wasn’t simply raw oysters, which would explain why I asked my colleague to take a picture of it.

the-2017-new-york-oyster-and-beer-festival-7Clam chowder?  Where are the oysters???

the-2017-new-york-oyster-and-beer-festival-2The best thing in the place (the sign, not the beer)

the-2017-new-york-oyster-and-beer-festival-4OK, some of the oysters were good.  What I did miss was a sign signifying the type of oyster and its point of origin.

Ah, if only I had some chilies with which to eat them…

the-2017-new-york-oyster-and-beer-festival-3Sounds better than it was…

the-2017-new-york-oyster-and-beer-festival-6The potatoes were nice, but the bbq and goat cheese version had more shell and flotsam in them than actual oyster.  Garlic butter oysters though, those were nice.

Had there been more of a variety in the preparation of oysters, and perhaps another food (oyster crackers) to help cleanse the palate, that would’ve been a step up.  Maybe next time I’ll just get to the oyster and beer festival as soon as the event starts, to have a basis for comparison.

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