Japanese Onigiri Month, Part Three

Before a brief interruption in this month’s scheduled programming, I bring thee three more versions of Japanese onigiri to sample:

I’m predicting it now… the food trend for 2017: onigiri and milk.  Ya, maybe in a prison in Japan.  But hey, maybe they were packed together?

By the way, this omusubi has salmon (しゃけ/sha-kay, though it’s also pronounced さけ/sa-kay, similar to the liquor).  Even more appetizing.  It also clearly suggests how to best open the onigiri.  Pull 1 down, then the other two.  If you don’t get it right the first 100 times, you still beat my record.

Miso-pickled vegetables (やさい みそ/yasai miso).    Too healthy, but a good change from the…never mind, I want my fish.

Another twofer.  The onigiri (みそ おかか/miso okaka) contains miso-flavored katsuobushi – shredded, fermented, dried, smoked skipjack tuna (is there any tuna left?).  I’m not sure how to describe the miso-katsuobushi’s 食感 (しょくかん shokukan), or mouth feel, though perhaps it’s akin to being a belt in a washing machine.  I dare you to imagine something equally bizarre.

The bottom meal is called 胡麻和え (ごま あえ/goma ah-ey).  It’s one of my choice Japanese snacks; quite simply, it’s spinach with sesame dressing.

Any favorites yet?  Did the milk sell you?

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