Truffle Cheesesteak at The Truffleist at Mad. Sq. Eats, New York

Previously, I met with Jimmy Kunz, the founder of Queens, New York-based The Truffleist at a March food service event.  Since then, they’ve asked me to try out their truffle cheesesteak at the seasonal Mad. Sq. Eats market – which coincidentally takes places across from Madison Square Park – in Manhattan.  Mad. Sq. Eats typically occurs between May and June, and is generally at capacity; fortunately, The Truffleists’s cheesesteak booth is quite close to the northern entrance of the market, at 25th Street.

I was slightly concerned that the truffle cheese would be overwhelming; fortunately, just the right amount was used to impart a truffle flavor.  The cheesesteak also had the expected caramelized onions, chopped beef, and crunchy hoagie hero bread, in addition to bell peppers.

Even though the service was a bit slow (before Jimmy got there), the customers in front were much worse.  If I could call ahead next time – and if I were regularly in the neighborhood – I’d totally want to try some of their other offerings, such as the goat cheese and truffle honey cheesesteak.  In case you were wondering – and if you also have lazy patrons in front of you -The Truffleist Mad. Sq. Eats outpost offers beer and mixed frozen drinks.

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1 Response to Truffle Cheesesteak at The Truffleist at Mad. Sq. Eats, New York

  1. maddieoredding says:

    Wow!! Looks so delicious!! Wish I could try it!!!


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