Fallen Star “House” at the University of California, San Diego (USA)

In honor of tomorrow’s trip to California, today’s post is about the Fallen StarHouse” at the University of California, San Diego (USA):

Since 1981, the Stuart Collection of UCSD has amassed and placed on display throughout the campus various works of public art.  Feel free to take a walking tour of the main school grounds to err, catch them all.

In 2012, Fallen House became the eighteenth addition to the Stuart Collection, when it was donated by the Korean artist Do Ho Suh (서도호).  It was created out of Suh’s feeling of cultural displacement after uprooting to the US in 1991, and pays deference to one’s ability to recall memory of a certain space/location.

One can visit Fallen House on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 until 14:00, though you’ll have find it first.  Heh, just kidding, it’s located atop Jacobs Hall of the Jacobs School of Engineering.  Although I didn’t get to inspect this monument to domestic architecture, let me know if you have been able to!

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