Airline Meals, Part Eight, Modern Art, Part One?

Since my first flight with them in 2002, Japan Airlines has consistently been one of the more tolerable airlines to choose.  OK, so I find their flight attendants a wee bit too obsequious with Japanese passengers, their in-flight announcements (in Japanese) can last as long as domestic Japanese flights, and some of their meal choices are questionable if not unwelcome. Then again, it could be worse.

Or, it could be somewhere in the middle:

I asked a friend what he thought this was, and he said “mint.”  For context, many New York-area diners used to have round mints – sometimes colored white, other times multicolored – at the register.  Creative response, but with chopsticks and clear broth present, very far off.

Wouldn’t you know it, it’s  fishball soupproudly created by a 3D printer?  Would it be any tackier if it looked like a rainbow?

This was part of an airline art class airline meal on a flight from Tokyo to Dallas.  Oh, what should I say next?  Book a ticket today!

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