The Best Snacks in the World, Japan Edition

It’s a tough question for the culinary traveler– which country has the best snacks in the world?  Impossible to answer, much like “which country has the best seated outdoor bronze Buddha statue built in 1993?”  (If you said Hong Kong, you’d be wrong, as that’s not a country.)

Back to the food question, ya, I have a few favorites which we might get to in more detail over time.  For now, I’ll leave you with a big one:

Japan, one of the behemoths of the snacking world.  This snapshot of a convenience store in Kyoto covers the gamut of choices on a color chart, and even submerges into the wide world of sexism.  In this instance, we have potato chips, corn chips, and ramen chips.  True gluttons – not unlike myself – would be drawn to the “Hokkaido butter-imbued” (北海道 バター ) flavors, and the sheer of chips will have you replacing jeans on a weekly basis.

The Japanese convenience store merits its own series on BuildingMyBento, but for now, a sneak-peek at some of my favorite snacks will have to suffice.

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