Event Review: True World Foods Expo 2018

Disclaimer: In exchange for two VIP tickets to New York‘s inaugural True World Foods EXPO 2018, I am writing this event review.  For this event, Ari Dybnis was the photographer.

Founded as a fishmonger in Brooklyn, New York in the 1970s, True World Foods is now an internationally-recognized seafood wholesaler with an emphasis on products from East Asia.  In order to connect with the general public, along with some of their partners, they decided to hold a small products showcase on September 29th, at The Altman Building in Manhattan.

Although it was quite packed, because there were a number of tasty bites overall – but more so, because we had VIP tickets which allowed us in an hour earlier – I enjoyed this small sampling of the array of fish and produce that True World Foods offers.  Let’s take a gander:

Tuna!…in spite of not being able to taste this one (in other words, massive queues), it let me wax nostalgic about visiting Tokyo’s soon-to-be shuttered Tsukiji Market around New Year’s and watching the massive fish being auctioned off.

That tuna was just fine, if a bit vain.

Freshwater eel, or unagi (鰻・うなぎ) is one of those rare foods that I immediately loved…or so I thought, until I realized that it was the combination of unagi with tare (たれ), the sweet-savory sauce basted on top, that I more correctly loved.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope we can both make it to next year’s event, but first, they need to expand!

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