Bangkok, Thailand’s King Power Mahanakhon Observation Deck and Skywalk

A skyscraper owned by a duty free company with an observation deck, to boot?  This, I’ve got to see…

Unusual “8-bit” design, with the SkyWalk shown jutting off the edge

Yes, on previous visits to Bangkok, Thailand I had been tracking the construction of this modern landmark, better known as King Power Mahanakhon.  It is home not only to the Thai capital’s highest bar, but also its newest selfie spots, the SkyWalk and observation deck.

I visited right around Songkran, a water-laden festival celebrating the Thai New Year; I’m guessing that’s partially why it wasn’t too crowded.  (Although you can visit the duty free part at anytime, if you take the tour, they hit you at the end with the multi-story shopping experience.)

You first walk through an area where you can take a souvenir photo, as well as get amused by various Bangkok-related images, such as durians and tuk-tuks.  Look up, and you’ll see a model of the metropolis; see if you can find the King Power Mahanakhon.

The 74th floor houses the indoor viewing deck, replete with a usable model of the oldest extant mailbox in Bangkok, as well as some nifty (and cheap) postcards.  The standard BKK haze was hanging around, but you still get to admire the vast urban sprawl – and panoply of unique buildings built around the areas of Sukhumvit, Silom, and with a good camera, Chatuchak.

For those slightly more daring, you’ll want to head up to the 78th floor, to become one with the SkyWalk:

Silly me, pointing at my other favorite building in Bangkok, the UOB Robot.  Note, everyone has to wear slippers, and no one is allowed to take photos while on the SkyWalk

Not only does the 78th floor encompass the SkyWalk, but also a bar, and slightly loftier viewing platform, wherein you can hold events or parties.

Looking northwest, towards the Royal Palace, Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn), and the ever-growing backpacker center Khaosan.

I’m a big fan of observation decks, and would certainly visit King Power Mahanakhon again in a few years, if for nothing else than to see how the Bangkok skyline has further evolved.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have another Bangkok Soda calling my name:

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