Review: One Fulton Square, Flushing, NY (USA)


ILast week, I was invited by the affable Rob McKay of the Queens Economic Development Corporation to attend an eating and press tour of Flushing, New York’s One Fulton Square mixed-use development.  The aim was to promote dining in a COVID and post-COVID world, as well as to showcase the variety of cuisines available at One Fulton Square.

Wesley Sin, of the F&T Group, a joint American-Taiwanese property developer, helped showcase One Fulton Square, their newest property, which combines a Hyatt Place hotel, condominiums, and numerous eateries focusing on food from throughout East Asia.

Long story short, in spite of periodic spells of rain, the temperature was pleasant, the atmosphere convivial, and the food plentiful and tasty!

First, let’s take a look at the One Fulton Square property, located just a few minutes walk from New York City’s third busiest intersection of Roosevelt and Main:

One Fulton Square, Entrance Sign

One Fulton Square, Flushing, New York

Indeed, it might look more crowded in the photos, but that’s due to indoor dining temporarily being prohibited in New York.  Otherwise, there would be enough space to walk around and enjoy the aromas of Sichuanese cuisine, bakeries, and Korean fried chicken.

So, what about the food?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve decided to add in photos of my three favorite dishes from the spread, plus sushi for good measure.

Living in Shenzhen, China opened my eyes up to the breadth of regional cuisines – it’s basically China’s version of New York, but with internal migrants contributing to its diverse culinary tapestry.  Normally, I entirely ignore Chinese food in the US…but these restaurants cater in larger part to folks from China and other parts of East Asia, so I’m down with them.

All in all, it was an enjoyable night with the QEDC and the F&T Group at One Fulton Square, and I look forward to future food tastings in Flushing!

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