Clothing Review: Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof® Shirt and Pants

Have you had issues with petty theft while out for the day?

When I lived in China the first time, I was part of a large group of recent college graduates, teaching throughout Shenzhen’s schools. Unusually, it seemed as if a number of them had some belongings stolen, whether in their apartments, or while out on the town. Now, if I had to conjecture, a fair amount happened due to drunken behavior. But there was one story that stood out.

One person was passed out on a public bus, and apparently had his pockets cut open by some small-time crooks. Given his penchant for the low-quality clothing stores throughout the country, I’m sure the material was made from talc or paper.

Nevertheless, pickpockets can be anywhere at anytime — public transit, markets, tithing dishes, convenience stores — but in my case, it’s probably during a long wander down backstreets and alleys, or on an urban planner’s pathetic attempt at a sidewalk, like this one in Bali:

grate Bali Indonesia

Not so fun at night, is it?

Although I have had a laptop stolen from a hotel room, I’ve been pretty good about where to keep possessions when taking a walk. Namely, NOT IN THE BACK POCKET.

Still, things can happen. Might as well invest in some clothes that can do their part to help fend off thieves.

Perhaps start with the Pick-Pocket Proof® brand from Clothing Arts?

Formed in 2007 during a bus ride in Cambodia, Clothing Arts was created for city dwellers and backpackers alike. Pickpockets might have their usual sitting ducks, but you can rain on their parade with a nice shirt and pants.

The shirt

hidden breast pocket

Hidden Breast Pocket

Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof® Shirt

Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof® Shirt

The shirt fit great, with buttons that felt like they were well-sewn into the nylon. And get this– there’s a hidden zipper pocket tucked into the left breast pocket. Sweet!

There are both business and “adventure” shirt designs, so I went with the one above that could double as a business casual shirt. When you’ve got a meeting, you don’t want to lose those index cards, so place them in the hidden pocket.

The Pants

adventure travel pants front

front of adventure travel pants

back of adventure travel pants

back of adventure travel pants

The pants fit way too big in the waist, and they were quite heavy to be hauling around in one’s backpack. However, once I added a belt into the equation, they were quite comfortable, if still a bit heavy. After loading those pockets, you might be giving other pedestrians — or would-be criminals — a closer look at your undergarments, so take heed.

In spite of that, I like the style and design, particularly as someone who collects little food souvenirs to eat once I’m back in the hotel room. Even without having trepidations about pickpockets, I still like the pants for their bounties of pockets, both hidden and obvious.

Speaking of which ….

Lurking behind the many buttons of a pocket lies another hidden pocket. Firstly, they’ve made it so that if the pickpocket wants to reap a reward, he/she will have to really expend a lot of time doing so. Then, you’ve got the smaller storage areas to further ward off anyone thinking you’re an easy target.

Clothing Arts has a nice line of travel products here that would benefit anyone who would want to lessen the risk of pickpockets during a trip. And they’re not merely limited to shirts and pants.

Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof® collection also offers shorts, convertible (pants to shorts), and chinos. I will jokingly ask, what can you do for me in terms of shoes?

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