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Tirana’s Piramida (Albania)

What’s your favorite thing about the word pyramid?  Is it that visiting one offers you insight into the world of traffic violations?  Or that ordering one for dessert will simultaneously make everyone else at the table hungry no more? Perhaps … Continue reading

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“Do You Like New Jersey?” Was Never a Multiple Choice Question

Is New Jersey the Taiwan of the US?  Ha.  What?  I don’t get it. In your travels, what parts of the United States appear most often in name?  New York something is pandemic, be it a restaurant, a tailor, a … Continue reading

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A Reason to Travel, as Told on an Empty Stomach

It wasn’t a great spoonful of rasgulla, but that’s not the point. Fine, food is usually the point, but often I place the same amount of importance in good wandering for the day.    Nowadays when I travel, I eschew … Continue reading

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3050 Meters or 10000 Feet, I Still Prefer an Aisle Seat

There doesn’t seem to be any good seat in economy class.  Window seats force you to play Twister in case you need to get up for anything; aisle seats mean bags may fall on you whenever the overhead is opened, … Continue reading

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Belgrade’s Genex Tower (Western City Gate): Dobrodosli, Srbija

It’s difficult not to notice Brutalism’s most famous legacy to Belgrade, in the form of the Western City Gate (tower), en route from Nikola Tesla Airport.  Born and bred in the 1970s, this concrete construct is actually two buildings, one … Continue reading

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